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Simple and Elegant Tools

  • Discussions
    Give students a place to share and discuss.
  • Grading
    Accept and grade assignments, hassle-free.
  • Resources
    Share files, articles, books, and links.
  • Calendar
    Manage a more intuitive course calendar.
  • Community
    Put names to faces with student profiles.

What Instructors Are Saying

“It’s mostly a question of how students interact with each other. That is pretty much everything for a class. For that, [Lore] is really helpful.”
“By the end of the 15 week class, if someone's followed the course on [Lore], they've got pretty much all the things my class offers, minus the physical contact.”
“The interactivity creates a particular dynamic that you wouldn’t necessarily get in class. People’s personalities come out differently online than in class and often students go beyond what’s asked of them.”

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What Students Are Saying

Lore really changed the dynamic of this course. We all share and discuss articles throughout the day. It feels like it's not just lectures anymore.”

—Freshman | University of Pennsylvania

It's been great getting feedback from other students as I work on my projects.”

—Senior | New York University

Getting started is easy. And it's free.
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